The Old Masters Box Three

The Old Masters Box Three

(Zappa, 9 LPs, Barking Pumpkin BPR-9999, December 30, 1987)


(LP, BPR 9999-1)

The Grand Wazoo

(LP, BPR 9999-2)

Over-Nite Sensation

(LP, BPR 9999-3)

Apostrophe (')

(LP, BPR 9999-4)

Roxy & Elsewhere

(2 LPs, BPR 9999-5)

One Size Fits All

(LP, BPR 9999-6)

Bongo Fury

(LP, BPR 9999-7)

Zoot Allures

(LP, BPR 9999-8)


Cover painting by Donald Roller Wilson
Cover lettering and frame by Larry Grossman

Engineered by Bob Stone & Mark Pinske


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