Zappa en la radio

Zappa en la radio (Zappa On The Radio)

(CD, Ryko CD 51516, Argentina, 1997)

  1. Camarillo Brillo 3:59 (from Over-Nite Sensation)
  2. Variations On The Carlos Santana Secret Chord Progression 3:58 (from Shut Up 'N Play Yer Guitar Some More)
  3. Hungry Freaks, Daddy 3:27 (from Freak Out!)
  4. Road Ladies 4:11 (from Chunga's Revenge)
  5. Harder Than Your Husband 2:29 (from You Are What You Is)
  6. He's So Gay 2:34 (from You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 6)
  7. Alien Orifice 4:03 (from Frank Zappa Meets The Mothers Of Prevention)
  8. Bobby Brown Goes Down 2:43 (from Sheik Yerbouti)
  9. Toads Of The Short Forest 4:48 (from Weasels Ripped My Flesh)
  10. Cocaine Decisions 2:56 (from The Man From Utopia)
  11. Sleeping In A Jar 0:50 (from Uncle Meat)
  12. Zomby Woof 5:41 (from Over-Nite Sensation)
  13. WPLJ (Dobard/McDaniels) 2:52 (from Burnt Weeny Sandwich)
  14. Apostrophe (') (Zappa/Bruce/Gordon) 5:50 (from Apostrophe ('))
  15. Big Leg Emma 2:17 (from Zappa In New York)
  16. Promiscuous 2:02 (from Broadway The Hard Way)
  17. Sharleena 4:33 (from Them Or Us)
  18. Son Of Mr. Green Genes 8:56 (from Hot Rats)

Selección musical y comentarios:
Alfredo Rosso y Marcelo Gasiò


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