A Token Of His Extreme Soundtrack

Liner notes, 2013

Note: Yes, this is the same performance & master source as most of the material on Dub Room Special (CD). It is an entirely different mix.

[...] Stereo Mixes Produced by FZ, Paramount Studios, Hollywood, September 1974 with Kerry McNabb, Re-Mix Engineer
Conceptual Continuum & minutiae by gz
Design Layout for Zappa Records by Keith Lawler
Ticket design by Cal Schenkel for NT&B, 1974
Photographs & Screengrabs by John Williams
All Assets: ZFT Vault Archives
Production Manager, Melanie Starks
Joe Travers, Vaultmeisterment & Transfers, UMRK, 2010

Mastered by Bob Ludwig, Gateway Mastering, 2009

Source: 1974 Stereo Analog Master. Mastered by Bob Ludwig, Gateway Mastering. Official Release #97.


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