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FZ, interviewed by Den Simms, Society Pages, June 1990

DEN SIMMS: Are there any compositions from the Grand Wazoo-Waka/Jawaka period that we haven't heard, that either weren't released on the albums, or perhaps, weren't played live, or anything from that era, that's still lurking out there unlistened to by your fans?

FRANK ZAPPA: Actually, when the Grand Wazoo did its tour, I think five cities, there was some reel-to-reel tape made of that, and there's some live recordings of that band, but they'll never come out. The quality of that tape is not that good.

DEN SIMMS: They won't be released because the quality is sub-par?

FRANK ZAPPA: Yeah, it's just, like, they're more like souvenirs than real recordings.


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In the process of examining the stage to make sure that it was fit for human consumption, these large objects over here on the side with the horns on top of 'em—you know those speakers there?—they fell over backwards and completely mangled Jay Migliori's woodwind instruments. So Mr. Migliori is at a certain disadvantage this evening. We just thought we'd let you know. Fortunately, Mr. Migliori was not sitting there when the cabinets went down, so that part's okay.

Ralph Morris, quoted by Charles Ulrich, June 9, 2015

It was a sad day in Boston, because just after the fire inspectors walked through, one of the Tycobrahe speaker columns fell from the top of the stack and crushed one of Jay Migliori's priceless saxophones, the baritone, I think, and damaged another. I still think one of the fireman pulled on the speaker cable as he walked behind the wings. Jay's horns were insured, but I felt badly that one of our speakers had done the damage.


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Wazoo (2007) Waka/Wazoo (2022)
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