Beat The Boots II: Conceptual Continuity

Release Information

Conceptual Continuity

FOO-EEE Records R2 71023, 1992
(Conceptual Continuity of Output Macrostructure; phase progression June 1966- November 1966)

Date: 19-Nov-1976 (carton says '77)
Location: Detroit, Michigan
Length: 38:41
Sound quality: B+


Notes & Comments

Jon Naurin

Conceptual Continuity: Nice, but short performance by the undiscovered 1976/77 band. Sound is quite good for an audience recording, the best I've heard from this tour. Later in this show, Flo&Eddie, Ralph Armstrong and Don Brewer joined onstage, but this is not captured on this boot.

The Project/Object bootleg claims to be "phase two of Conceptual Continuity". This may be a coincidence, explicable via the semantics involved, but it's quite entertaining (in a dry way) considering that there IS an OTHER bootleg, Marvellous Stunner, which IS phase two of Conceptual continuity—a later part of the show, with Flo & Eddie making a guest appearance!



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