Beat The Boots I: Piquantique

Release Information


Recorded: 21-Aug-1973
Location: Konserthuset, Stockholm *
Length: ~45 min
Sound quality: FM radio B+

Piquantique -- back cover


Notes & Comments

The Real Venue


This recorded broadcast was not from "Konserthuset (Stockholm, Sweden).
The right location should be; Solliden, Skansen (Stockholm, Sweden).
The broadcast is from a TV/Radio-Show called "Oppopoppa"

Performance & Sound Quality


Good performance. Not too many bootlegs have "Kung Fu" and "Farther Oblivion" (a complicated concert piece bearing some resemblance to "The Be-Bop Tango", and often confused with the completely different "Father O'Blivion".). Sound quality, though, has been described as "pornographic".
Cover is probably a head shot of Zappa xeroxed on blue paper.

Jon Naurin

Piquantique: From Stockholm 1973. Excellent show, but disappointingly bad sound considering it's from an FM broadcast. Still highly recommendable, as is the video capture of this show.


4. T'Mershi Duween

Paolo Fabretti (November 20, 2010)

T'Mershi Duween from Piquantique is taken from the 1973 WLIR radio broadcast (the so-called "Un-concert"), possibly through the Nifty boot. The venue should consequently be listed as The Roxy, december 1973.


5. Father O'Blivion

Join the march and eat my starch.

Matt M

"Join the march and eat my starch!"
Frank says this on Piquantique between Duprees & T'Mershi.

Jon Naurin

My interpretation is that it's just another case of FZ nonsense, like for example "Mennil toss Flykune". "Join the march & eat my starch" was what the main character of "Father O'Blivion" used to say at the end of the song (just where it's cut on YCDTOSA #6). At least at one occasion, FZ said "he (F.O'B) said these words, which don't make fuckin' sense to anyone: Join the March...", which might hint that there's no deeper meaning to it.


"Join the march, & eat my starch" can be broken down into three parts;

a) Join the march, b) and, and c) eat my starch.

Now there is some ambiguity as to whether FZ meant

1. a AND c (b =] simultaneously)
2. a THEN c (b =] sequentially)

Let's look at each case.

1. a AND c (b =] simultaneously).
The starch is meant as a source of energy to give nourishment to the workers of the world who FZ was encouraging to rise up against THE MAN ("Join the march"). This starch could be of three kinds—i) literal, ii) figurative, or iii) literal and figurative.

i) Frank had brought some foodstuffs with him to give to the audience.
ii) Frank meant for his words to provide nourishment to the aching souls of the worker, to provide encouragement and relief.
iii) Like Christ, Frank was offering up his body in the form of bread. Note the use of "my" in "my starch". Not any starch will do.

2. a THEN c (b =] sequentially)

Frank is saying that he will provide a reward to the audience *after* rising up against THE MAN.
The interpretations of starch are the same as above with the addition of

iv) starch == bread == money.

Frank was obviously so taken with the philosophies of Karl Marx and Theodor Adorno that he was considering sharing his wealth with those who would rise up against THE MAN. I hope this has cleared everything up.



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