Blossom Toes—Love Bomb—Live 1967-69

Love Bomb—Live 1967-69

(Blossom Toes, 2CD, Soundbeam Records 5049, April 9, 2009)

disc 1

  1. Listen To The Silence (Cregan)
  2. Electricity (Van Vliet/Bermann)
  3. Captain Trips (Blossom Toes)
  4. Love Us Like We Love You (Cregan)
  5. The Remarkable Saga Of The Frozen Dog (Westlake)
  6. Woman Mind (Shawn Phillips)
  7. Smokestack Lightning (Burnett)
  8. First Love Song (Cregan)

disc 2

  1. What On Earth (Godding)
  2. The Remarkable Saga Of The Frozen Dog (Westlake)
  3. Stargazer (Phillips)
  4. Indian Summer (Cregan)
  5. Peace Loving Man (Godding)
  6. Grooving (King/Bethea)


Notes & Comments

Blossom Toes—Love Bomb—Live 1967-69

Sound Beam Records (r. April 17, 2009):

Blossom Toes are well established as one of the UK's best-loved 60s psych bands, and this double CD set captures them at the height of their powers. Disc One was recorded live in Stockholm's Filip Club on August 26th 1967, just after they'd completed their classic debut, We Are Ever So Clean. It finds the band poised between that album's cheery popsike and the dense progressive psychedelia of its follow-up, 1969's If Only For A Moment. Previously available only as an incomplete bootleg, it is mastered from original tapes supplied by the engineer who recorded it, Anders Lind. Disc Two kicks off with two rare tracks from 1967 radio sessions, then continues with two cuts apiece from the band's appearances at 1969's Amougies and Bilzen festivals—the latter boasting a guest appearance from none other than Frank Zappa. The set comes complete with a full booklet (including rare photos and an introduction from the band's leader, Brian Godding), making it essential for all fans of British psychedelia.

'Everyone agrees they're one of our very best groups live'—Disc & Music Echo, 12/7/69

'The archetypal mid-to-late 60s English band: talented, imaginative, full of potential'—Ptolemaic Terrascope


If Only For A Moment

(reissue, 3 CDs, Cherry Red/Esoteric ECLEC 32791, December 9, 2021)

Blossom Toes - If Only For A Moment

Joe Marchese, "Wait A Minute: Cherry Red, Esoteric Expand Blossom Toes' 'If Only For A Moment' With Guest Spots From Frank Zappa, Brian Auger," The Second Disc, May 23, 2022

CD 1: Remastered Original Album plus bonus tracks

  1. Peace Loving Man
  2. Kiss of Confusion
  3. Listen to the Silence
  4. Love Bomb
  5. Billy Boo the Gunman
  6. Indian Summer
  7. Just Above My Hobby Horse's Head
  8. Wait a Minute
  9. Postcard (Single A-Side)
  10. Everyone Is Leaving Me Now (Single B-Side)
  11. Listen to the Silence (Live)
  12. New Day (scheduled for single A-side)

CD 2: Live 1969

  1. Indian Summer (Live at the Blitzen Festival, Belgium, August 24, 1969)

Live at the Amougies Festival, Belgium, October 26, 1969

  1. Stargazer
  2. Peace Loving Man
  3. Grooving - Part I (feat. Frank Zappa)
  4. Grooving - Part II (feat. Frank Zappa)
  5. Grooving - Part III (feat. Frank Zappa)

CD 3: Rarities and Demos

  1. Postcard
  2. Riverboat
  3. Peace Loving Man (Version 1)
  4. Nobody But
  5. Wait a Minute
  6. Peace Loving Man (Version 2)
  7. Poli's Folly
  8. First Love Song
  9. Marmalade Jam (feat. Brian Auger)
  10. New Day

CD 1, Tracks 9-10 from Marmalade single 598 012, 1968
CD 1, Track 11 & CD 2, Tracks 1-6 from Love Bomb: Live 1967-69, Sunbeam SBR2CD5949, 2009
CD 1, Track 12 & CD 3, Tracks 1-10 from What on Earth: Rarities 1967-69, Sunbeam SBRCD5071, 2009



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