Jefferson Airplane Loves You

Jefferson Airplane Loves You

(Jefferson Airplane, 3CD, RCA 09026-61110-2, October 27, 1992)

disc 1

  1. I Specialize In Love
  2. Go To Her
  3. Bringing Me Down
  4. Let Me In
  5. Chauffeur Blues
  6. Free Advice—Great Society
  7. Somebody To Love
  8. Today
  9. Embryonic Journey
  10. White Rabbit
  11. Come Back Baby
  12. Other Side Of This Life
  13. Runnin' 'Round This World
  14. She Has Funny Cars
  15. High Flyin' Bird
  16. Tobacco Road
  17. Let's Get Together
  18. White Rabbit
  19. Comin' Back To Me
  20. Won't You Try / Saturday Afternoon

disc 2

  1. Ballad Of You And Me And Pooneil
  2. Things Are Better In The East
  3. Watch Her Ride
  4. Two Heads
  5. Martha
  6. Don't Let Me Down
  7. Crown Of Creation
  8. Lather
  9. In Time
  10. House At Pooneil Corners
  11. Ribump Ba Bap Dum Dum
  12. Would You Like A Snack? (Frank Zappa/Grace Slick)
  13. 3/5 Of A Mile In 10 Seconds
  14. It's No Secret
  15. Plastic Fantastic Lover
  16. Uncle Sam's Blues
  17. Wooden Ships
  18. Volunteers

disc 3

  1. We Can Be Together
  2. Turn My Life Down
  3. Good Shepherd
  4. Hey Fredrick
  5. Emergency
  6. When The Earth Moves Again
  7. Pretty As You Feel
  8. Law Man
  9. Feel So Good
  10. Twilight Double Leader
  11. Aerie (Gang Of Eagles)
  12. Trial By Fire
  13. Grace Slick Dress Rap/You Wear Your Dresses Too Short/Bill Graham Outro

Jefferson Airplane Crown Of Creation

(Jefferson Airplane, RCA/BMG Heritage 82876 53226 2, August 19, 2003)

Crown Of Creation

  1. Lather (Slick) 2:56
  2. In Time (Kantner/Balin) 4:11
  3. Triad (Crosby) 4:54
  4. Star Track (Kaukonen) 3:08
  5. Share A Little Joke (Balin) 3:06
  6. Chushingura (Dryden) 1:17
  7. If You Feel (Blackman/Balin) 3:20
  8. Crown Of Creation (Kantner) 2:53
  9. Ice Cream Phoenix (Kaukonen/Cockey) 2:59
  10. Greasy Heart (Slick) 3:25
  11. The House At Pooneil Corners (Kantner/Balin) 5:49
  12. Ribump Ba Bap Dum Dum (Dryden/Goodwin) 1:29
  13. Would You Like a Snack? (Zappa/Slick) 2:37
  14. Share A Little Joke [mono] (Balin) 3:06
  15. The Saga Of Sydney Spacepig (Dryden) 7:55
    Candy Man (Davis) [hidden track]

Would You Like A Snack? 2:38

(Frank Zappa/Grace Slick)

RCA Studios, Hollywood, CA
June 5, 1968

Produced by Al Schmitt
Engineered by Mark Linett & Pat Ieraci

Grace Slick—vocals, keyboard
Arthur Tripp III—drums, percussion
Ian Underwood—piano, woodwinds
Donald Preston—keyboards

Left channel:


Bet a leader zooms
Some blood down your street

Ehhh, bet you eat his figs, you meek
Help a bleeder, fill it up
And almond eyes went up


And almond eyes
Want a B-cup leaks


Expression cause you

Almond eyes want a B-cup leaks
Bet you eat his figs you meek.



Bet a leader zooms
Some blood down your street

I bet you eat his figs you meek.

Help a bleeder fill it up
Help a bleeder
Fill it up

alllllmond eyes

When a bleeder fills it up

Bleeder, bleeder, bleeder,
A bleeder

Would you like a snack?
Uh, help a bleeder


Right channel:


A real slap on her goony ass
Helps you sleep
Don' it? Don' it?
It helps you sleep.

I'd better eat
I'd better eat
Five year plans are . . . hard to sit through
Do you like me in five? Or 3/4?
Five makes you clap off! Clap off!
Clap off, clap off, clap off, clap off, clap off
Oooh, clap off
I make buns, um, cuz I have trouble
Exploding by myself.


A real slap on a groovy ass
helps you sleep
Bet you eat her figs this week
Bet you eat her figs this week
Would you like a snack?

Get her flat on her back like that,
She leaves in the middle of the program.

Get her back like that and give her a SNACK!
Help a bleeder
Give her a snack
Get her flat on her back, and help a bleeder
And give her a snack

Fill it up, boy, fill it up


I make buns because I have a snack problem.
When my B-cup leaks, I have a SNACK!
Get her flat on back like that,
Give her a snack.
And she leaves in the middle of the program
And she leaves, and she leaves, and she leaves
She leaves you sitting there with
Nothing but a snack!
To keep you from eating cupcakes?
When are the cupcakes?

Would you like a snack?


Notes & Comments

Jefferson Airplane Loves You

Released: 10/27/92
3CD (RCA 09026-61110-2)
3CS (RCA 09026-61110-4)

Jefferson Airplane Loves You

From disc 2, track 12:

Would You Like A Snack? 2:38
(Frank Zappa/ Grace Slick)

Produced by Al Schmitt
Engineered by Mark Linett & Pat Ieraci
Recorded June 5, 1968 at RCA Studios, Hollywood, CA
WPA3-0864, 61110-2/4 * Frank Zappa Music Co., Inc. (BMI)
1992 BMG Music

Patrick Neve

June 5th, 1968—RCA studio session with Mothers, "Would You Like A Snack?"

Frank is credited as "leader", my guess is that means "conductor". This track is apparantly unrelated to the song of the same name that appears on 200 Motels.

Charles Ulrich

I wouldn't quite say they are unrelated. In addition to sharing lyrics with the 200 Motels "WYLAS?" (namely the title phrase), the Jefferson Airplane "WYLAS?" shares piano riffs with the next 200 Motels track, "Redneck Eats".

Pauline Butcher, Freak Out!—My Life With Frank Zappa, 2011, p. 114

[Tuesday, June 4, 1968] late afternoon, Frank, in full creative mode, was composing the prettiest piece of music, "Would You Like a Snack," especially for Grace Slick, the lead singer of Jefferson Airplane. He asked for a recording session to be set up starting at midnight.

[...] Just after Grace Slick and Frank left for the studio, some mad person shot Robert Kennedy in downtown LA. [...] Desperate to be the first to tell Frank, PamZ dragged Ray Collins and me to the recording session, where we found him seated at the control panel with Grace.

[...] Seeing Frank in the studio was a new experience. I watched spellbound while the beautiful piece he'd written that afternoon gradually metamorphosed into something else. After Ian and Art had laid down piano, vibes and drum tracks, Spence Dryden, drummer with Jefferson Airplane, added extra drum rolls and then Grace Slick wailed and half-spoke her part with a clarinet accompaniment. Then, naturally, Frank had to add his weird noises, making us all laugh with his funny hand signals conducting a chorus of grunts, snorts, burps and snarls. I felt privileged to see the complete creative process, even though what had started as a very pretty piece that afternoon ended up sounding like no music at all.


Other editions

Crown Of Creation

Magnus Delle(Fri, 03 May 2002)

Today I found "Would You Like Snack?" as a bonus track on Jefferson's "Crown of Creation". The CD is apparently an import from ...Spain (RCA—BMG España 74321847882, 2001). I thought that song was only available on the "Jefferson Airplanes Loves You" CD box. Yet another piece in the big puzzle.

Michael Gula (August 23, 2003)

The new CD remasters of Jefferson Airplane's Crown of Creation now include "Would You Like a Snack?".

Biffy the Elephant Shrew (August 23, 2003)

The Crown of Creation remaster also includes an 8-minute track titled "The Saga of Sidney Spacepig". Although there is no credit to Zappa on this track, a substantial part of it consists of "The Air" being played on a piano.

M. Delle (August 23, 2003)

On my copy of Crown Of Creation (RCA 74321847882, issued 2001 by BMG Music, Spain), there are two bonus tracks: "Ribump Ba Bap Dum Dum", which is a 1.32 min percussion piece with some unorganised vocals included, and the Zappa-Slick piece "Would You Like A Snack?". I don't have "The Saga of Sidney Spacepig". Obviously, there are different issues with different track listings.

Biffy the Elephant Shrew (August 23, 2003)

The new reissue includes all of the above mentioned tracks plus the alternate single version of "Share a Little Joke" and a hidden track of "Candy Man."

GuruKenn (December 28, 2003)

I would like to report that I have found some Zappa related music on the recent Jefferson Airplane re-issue of the "Crown of Creation" album. Released August 19, 2003.

RCA has released this classic title yet again (under the BMG Heritage label) as part of the Jefferson Airplane Original Masters series. This time, the disc contains 5 bonus cuts (one being an untitled hidden track tacked onto the end of track 15).

One of the bonus tracks (credited to Frank Zappa / Grace Slick) is called "Would You Like a Snack". It had been released on the "Jefferson Airplane Loves You" box set in 1992 and is known to fans. But another track (not credited to Zappa but to Spencer Dryden) called "The Saga of Sydney Spacepig" is released legit here for the first time, and it contains without a doubt Zappa contributions.

You can here parts of the song "The Air" fading in and out, and Zappa type Snorts and grunts are heard throughout. "The Saga of Sydney Spacepig" has been on bootleg before, but the version on this new "Crown of Creation" CD is a very different and seems to be a more realized mix.


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