Swing Charlebois Swing

Swing Charlebois Swing

(Robert Charlebois, LP, Canadian Solution Ltée/Kébec Disc SN 939, 1977)

  1. Garde-moi (J.C. Collo/Robert Charlebois)
  2. Je l'savais (Rejean Ducharme/Robert Charlebois)
  3. Treize ans (Robert Charlebois)
  4. Le tango à carreaux (Robert Charlebois)
  5. Mom and Dad (Robert Charlebois)
  6. L'été passé (Robert Charlebois)
  7. Le léthé (Beaudelaire/Robert Charlebois)
  8. Larme (Rimbaud/Robert Charlebois)
  9. Rapsodie pour Victor (J.C. Collo/Robert Charlebois)
  10. Petroleum (J.C. Collo/Robert Charlebois)


10. Petroleum

Recorded at Son-Quebec, Montreal
June 30, 1974

Robert Charlebois—vocals
Marcel Beauchamp—bass & keyboards
Michel Robidoux—12 str E-Guitar
Michel Fauteux—drums
Frank Zappa—guitar solo & arrangements

I don't wanna die eatin' peanuts and watchin' t.v.
even if I dig Jeannie
I don't want to sit around with rednecks in a camping ground
drinkin' beer with Beelie
But I wanna ride and fly
under a blue jean sky
Don't ask me why
Just gimme gimme some petroleum
Oh gimme gimme gimme gimme some
Gimme oil gimme oil gimme oil
Gimme gimme some petroleum
Lord gimme gimme gimme gimme some

Idi Ahmed
Make it no-lead
I don't wanna play dinky toys on my linoleum
Readin' Mad and Lampoon
I don't wanna play cowboys and Indians at the Forum
like a rock and roll bum

But I wanna ride and fly
under a blue jean sky
Don't ask me why
Gimme gimme etc.

Taxi drivers only . . . Gimme gimme . . .
Bus drivers with feeling . . . Gimme Gimme . . .
CBers with noise . . . Gimme Gimme
Oil companies together, sing!
it's a gas, folks!


Notes & Comments


Album Credits

Percussion: Richard Provencal
Basse: Daniel Hubert
Guitares: Jean-Marie Benoit
Arrangements et Claviers: Marcel Beauchamp
Prise de son et mixage: Steve Ham Gravure Sterling Sound
Production et réalisation Robert Charlebois
Photo et maquette: Jean-Paul Guyot
Enregistrement Studio Morin Heights
Orchestration Art Philips

(Merci a Michél Robidoux et Michél Fauteux, et un merci très special a Frank Zappa)

Zappa Involvement & Date Of The Session

Juan Rodriguez, The Gazette, October 24, 1977

Four years ago, [FZ] produced a few sides for Charlebois who decided to sit on them. "He owns the tapes," Zappa says gruffly. "So it was him who never released them."

Marcel Beauchamp, December 9, 2001

A few words to clarify the Frank Zappa / Robert Charlebois colaboration, late 70's.

1. ) Yes, FZ played on the song Petroleum but that was at least a year before the Swing Charlebois Swing album was produced.

FZ was in Montreal for a concert, Robert asked him to participate in the recording of Petroleum. Frank accepted and showed up the next day in a Montreal Studio (Son-Quebec).

Not only did he play the end solo, but he also participated in the arrangements.

2.) The list of musicians on the site is not exact and should be:

Robert Charlebois, Vocals
Marcel Beauchamp, Bass & Keyboards
Michel Robidoux, 12 str E-Guitar
Michel Fauteux, Drums
Frank Zappa, Solo Guitar

Note: Charlebois's bass player at that time was Serge Blouin, he started eating his socks and shoes a few days after when he learned that he missed the session with Frank.


I was there, Frank played on my Fender Strat.

Marcel Beauchamp

Marcel Beauchamp, December 11, 2001

I talked about that session with my wife Louise, and she reminded me that she was with me during the recording session, and that she was very close to giving birth to our first daughter who was born July 15 1974, which means the song was recorded some days before, but very close to that date.

Román, December 11, 2001

There are three dates in Canada that summer of 1974:

74/06/28 Centre Municipal des Congres de Quebec, Hilton Hotel (Quebec)
74/06/29 Place des Nations, Expo (Montreal)
74/07/01 Civic Center Arena (Ottawa)

The band played in Detroit the next day, July 2, so June 30, 1974 seems to be the probable date of the recording session.

Marcel Beauchamp, December 12, 2001

You're right, June 30th 1974, that's the date.

Who Is Robert Charlebois


Unfortunatly, I've never heard the album but I can tell you being from the province of Quebec (Charlebois's birth place) the man is a well respected musician and probably considered by some to be an outrageous artist back in Quebec's '60's pop culture. He has over 20 albums out and he's still recording. One of his most known recording is called Lindbergh which came out in 1969 and to this day stills sounds fresh. If your looking for french artists from this continent to discover Robert is one of them.

Charlebois On Zappa

Zut boF, November 14, 2001

Frank Zappa "mon seul ami dans le showbiz américain avec Stan Getz. Il m'a donné un beau cadeau en produisant ma chanson Petroleum. Je crois qu'il rêvait d'être Varèse ou Stockhausen à la fin de sa vie. C'était un bourreau de travail qui détestait les drogues." Robert Charlebois au Journal Voir édition du 8 au 14 novembre 2001 vol. 10 no 14.

Translation by Gary, November 15, 2001

"My only friend in American showbiz along with Stan Getz. He gave me a nice present by producing my song 'Petroleum'. I believe that he dreamed of being Varese or Stockhausen at the end of his life. He was a workaholic who hated drugs."

Charlebois & Beer

Zut boF, November 15, 2001


Robert charlebois is the owner of that copagnie and it's a verry good beer, verry strong.


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