Ain't She Sweet

Music by Milton Ager; lyrics by Jack Yellen
Written in 1927

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Marc De Bruyn (, August 23, 2003

"Ain't She Sweet" was composed by Milton Ager (1893-1979) & Jack Yellen (1892-1991) in 1927. It became a song that was extraordinarily popular in the first half of the twentieth century, one of the smash hit songs that typified the Roaring Twenties. Like "Happy Days are Here Again" (1929), it became a Tin Pan Alley standard. Both Ager and Yellen were elected to membership in the Songwriters' Hall of Fame.

"Oh ain't she sweet, well see her walking down that street. Yes I ask you very confidentially: ain't she sweet? Oh ain't she nice, well look her over once or twice. Yes I ask you very confidentially: ain't she nice? Just cast an eye in her direction. Oh me oh my, ain't that perfection? Oh I repeat, well don't you think that's kind of neat? Yes I ask you very confidentially: ain't she sweet?".

Milton Ager wrote "Ain't She Sweet" for his daughter Shana Ager, who later grew up and became Shana Alexander, whom many of you have seen on television and/or heard on radio as a political commentator.

Note: "Ain't She Sweet" was also performed by the Beatles; recorded in 1961 with Pete Best on drums, and Bernard Purdie for drum overdubs, produced by Bert Kaempfert (!), released in 1964.


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