Beauty Knows No Pain

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Foggy G, "The Songs That Were Played," We're Only In It For The Touring

1980 Mar-Jul: Essentially performed as on YAWYI, allowing for obvious differences in instrumentation.

1980 Oct-Dec: Essentially performed as on YAWYI.

1981-82: Essentially played as on YCDTOSA Volume III. Always played as part three of that particular four song, YAWYI suite. Frank's "Hi'ya girls" line was subject to change at the whim of Frank.

1984: SOCIETY PAGES-> I'M A BEAUTIFUL GUY-> BEAUTY KNOWS NO PAIN-> CHARLIE'S ENORMOUS MOUTH—Jon Naurin writes in with this juicy bit of info: Interesting discovery from the 8/22#2 show, and I wonder why these weren't performed more often. They sound well rehearsed and should definitely have taken the place of the played-to-death "YAWYI/Mudd Clubb/Meek" suite in many setlists. Oh—and of course—performed essentially as on YCDTOSA #3.


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