Cruising For Burgers

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Foggy G, "The Songs That Were Played," We're Only In It For The Touring

1968: As during the Flo 'n' Eddie period, this tune appears at the tail end of "Holiday in Berlin". Performed as an instrumental, this version sounds more like the overdone Xmas '76 version (as heard on the CD release of ZINY) than the "Uncle Meat" track. The music has a more dramatic feel to it, and lacks the innocent simplicity of the studio release. There is no guitar solo, as we simply get the instrumental rendering of the composed portions.

1970: Essentially performed as on "Freaks and Motherfu*#@%!" from Beat the Boots Volume I.

1971: Essentially performed as on "Playground Psychotics". Notice the excellently placed "me" in the opening bars—a lingering lyric from the previous tune ("Sharleena"), which somehow links these two songs together and provides a neat sense of continuity. Don'tcha agree?

1976-77: Essentially performed as on ZINY, with the standard deviation coming in Frank's solo. The instrumental version, and did this tune ever rock harder.

1988: Essentially performed as on MAJNH, with the standard deviation coming in Frank's solo.


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