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Peter Öberg

Could anybody tell me more about:
Small And Jewish/Jewish And Small

Jon Naurin

Something that was rehearsed in 1987, while Flo & Eddie still were part of the 1988 tour project.

Charles Ulrich

"Jewish And Small" was reportedly performed on June 12, 1970, in San Antonio, Texas.

Charles Ulrich

During 1987 rehearsals, Mark Volman said, "...we never worked up but we did it one night, with 'Wanda Larue...'" FZ joined in and they sang it together without hesitation through the instrumental section.

The 6/12/70 tape has poor sound quality, and the 1987 rendition is incomplete, so I'm not sure of all the lyrics. Maybe Doug Grose (webmaster of the Turtles site) could get a more accurate version for you. Mark seemed to remember it pretty well seventeen years later. Admittedly, it has been another twelve years since then, but who knows?


The lyrics

June 12, 1970, version

FZ (spoken): The next song is called "Giraffe", and it's a fantasy about indiscriminate use of ovens in America.

Flo & Eddie (sung):

Wanda Larue, Harry Atley too
Frieda McDougall, Nola Zemonsky
Went to the ovens a week or so ago

It doesn't matter if you're small
Jewish and small, Jewish and small
Jewish at all, Jewish at all

[instrumental section]

Wanda Larue, Wanda Larue [gah]

Help me, help me, [something]
Help me, help me, [something]
Help me, help me, [something]
Help me, help me, [something]

But there's nothing that we can do
But there's nothing that we can do
But there's nothing that we can do
But there's nothing that we can do

[opening arpeggio of "The Air"]

FZ (spoken): Meanwhile, in the ovens . . .

Flo and Eddie (sung): The air, escaping from . . .


  San Antonio, TX, June 12, 1970 "Lola Steponsky", The Mothers 1970 (2020) "Giraffe—Take 4", The Mothers 1970 (2020) 1987 rehearsal
intro 0:00-0:08      
part 1   0:00-0:53 0:05-0:53  
part 1 0:08-0:58 (sung) 0:53-1:43 (sung) 0:53-1:38 0:02-0:38 (sung)
part 2 0:58-1:27 (sung)      
drum solo   1:43-3:29 1:38-3:06  
part 1     3:06-3:54  
part 1     3:54-5:24 (with variations & improvisations)  
Intégrales (Varèse)/part 1     5:24-7:56 (with more variations & improvisations)  



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