It Just Might Be A One-Shot Deal

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Jon Naurin on the FZShows Homepage:

Mystery Song #2. This is just a short little melody, which appears as part of the huge BeBop Tango improvisations on Toronto, 23-Nov 1973 (late), and in the Dupree's Paradise intro on Frankfurt, 12-Sep 1974 (early). In both cases, Frank starts playing the melody, and some other band members join in quickly.
Mystery Song #2 has now been identified as the riff that goes along with "But you should be diggin' it while it's happening" in "It Just Might Be A One-Shot Deal". A big hand for Tan Mitsugu, who identified it.

A partial list of "It Just Might Be A One-Shot Deal" quotations, compiled by Charles Ulrich

All performances of New Brown Clouds:
72/09/10 Los Angeles
72/09/15 Berlin
72/09/16 London
72/09/22 New York
72/09/24 Boston
75/09/18 Los Angeles

Probably all performances of Approximate, September-November 1974:
74/09/08 Bologna
74/09/09 Milan
74/09/11 (early) Vienna
74/09/12 (late) Frankfurt
74/09/14 Berlin
74/09/16 Hamburg
74/09/20 Copenhagen
74/09/22-23 Helsinki (as heard on YCDTOSA 2)
74/09/29 Brussels
74/10/01 (early) Basel
74/10/31 (late) New York
74/11/08 (early) Passaic
74/11/17 Philadelphia

Miscellaneous songs:
73/03/11 Arlington (improvisations)
73/11/23 (late) Toronto (BeBop Tango)
74/09/11 (late) Vienna (Village Of The Sun)
74/09/12 (early) Frankfurt (Dupree's Paradise)
74/09/12 (late) Frankfurt (Penguin In Bondage)
74/09/14 Berlin (Cosmik Debris)
74/09/16 Hamburg (Dupree's Paradise)
74/10/01 (early) Basel (Cosmik Debris)

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