Little Dots

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Charles Ulrich, "Petit Wazoo Repertoire," The Planet Of My Dreams

This instrumental begins with the three trumpets and the oboe playing "little dots"—what sound like random notes until you hear them played exactly the same way at the end of the piece.

Foggy G, "The Songs That Were Played," We're Only In It For The Touring

1972: While this tune is often compared to "Approximate", it has always reminded me more of an Ornette Coleman tune, sounding quite like the so-called "free jazz" of the early sixties. The tune begins with some abrupt horn parts, interspersed with active improvising by the rhythm section. Once this short head is played through, the bass player takes a solo, accompanied only by a manic Gordon and the band's well-timed screams. As this frantic soloing fades away, Tony begins playing one of Frank's most beautifully written progressions on rhythm guitar, creating a very folkish atmosphere. The bass and drum dueling then picks up speed again, wailing away over this newly established rhythm, before once again settling down and returning our attention to Duran's playing. Over this wonderful progression, we get a variety of solos, with different band members stepping up and soloing at different shows. At least one horn solo, an occasional slide guitar solo, and occasional Frank workout, with each solo once again providing the listener with some very impressive playing. Then, as with most typical jazz numbers, we return to the head of the tune, which is played once through before the song ends coldly. This is a great tune- an excellent precursor to the madness that would be "Approximate", sandwiching one of Frank's most reflective and seductive pieces of music.



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