Orange Claw Hammer

(Don Van Vliet)

FZ album(s) in which song has appeared

Tour(s) on which song is known to have been performed (main source: FZShows, v. 7.1)


Foggy G, "The Songs That Were Played," We're Only In It For The Touring

1975: This acapella treat from "Trout Mask Replica" rears its mustached little head several times on this tour. I have yet to hear any of these performances, though I seem to believe that it is played with guitar accompaniment and not acapella for this tour. But I do not know why I would think that. Anyone? [And yes, more David Lynch- "You would think that because of the radio appearance Zappa and Beefheart made in November 1975 to promote Bongo Fury, in which they performed a duo version of "Orange Claw Hammer" live in the studio. In fact, the performance on this tour is actually a full-band arrangement- Zappa "defiled" it with a "pseudo-folk-rock backing" in his words. After the lyrics were finished the tune went into a guitar solo, at least on the only performance I have." And then Jon Naurin adds- "it's played with guitar, bass, drums and George adding some string sounds from his newly discovered ARP synth. A traditional arrangement, which suits the song well. After the lyrics, Don starts a monotonous harmonica solo, and FZ is not late to join in with his guitar." ]



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