Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance (aka Never On Sunday)

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Foggy G, "The Songs That Were Played," We're Only In It For The Touring

1968: I have two different tapes of the 4/10 show in which this song purportedly appears, but it does not appear on either one. Possibly my tapes are simply missing this performance, but I have a feeling that this is simply a mislabeling of a tape somewhere in the past twenty years. [There is, however, a "Wedding Dress Song" in this show which I have never seen on a set list, and maybe the TYCOWYD titles actually refers to this other overlooked instrumental.]

1975-76: Another of the great WOIIFTM tunes. Brock handles the vocals, of course, singing the melody as on WOIIFTM, while the band plays the accompaning music reggae style. Brock sings the first verse, the band performs an instrumental version of the second verse, Lewis takes a short keyboard solo, and then Brock finishes the lyrics and the tune. Pretty cool.

1978: The YCDTOSA Volume VI version is an edited take on the single '78 performance of this tune- from the Halloween concert, of course. In the actual concert, Frank instructed the band to vamp on the opening chords for about half-a-minute prior to beginning the actual tune- sort of a warm-up- and this vamp is edited out of the officially released version.

Bunk Gardner, quoted by Billy James, Necessity Is . . ., 2001, p. 41

Frank changed the names of the songs many, many times. When we first started rehearsing at the Lindy Theatre I remember a lot of the melodies that later Frank changed the titles of. Like "Transition" later became "20 Small Cigars," and "Never On Sunday" became "Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance."



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