You Didn't Try To Call Me

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Foggy G, "The Songs That Were Played," We're Only In It For The Touring

1968: This charming little piece appears several times in the 60's as part one of the ridiculous little medley that appears on "Tis the Season to Be Jelly". The medley consists of "You Didn't Try To Call Me"-> "Petrushka"-> Bristol Stomp"-> "Baby Love"-> Big Leg Emma", and the '68 version is essentially performed as on that Beat the Boots track.

1970: Essentially performed as on "Disconnected Synapses" from Beat the Boots Volume II.

1976-77: THE reason to track down a tape from the Bianca portion of this tour- this is a Bianca tour-de-force. This ultimate version of this song starts off nice and simple, with Bianca singing her lungs out before even finishing the first "You." She just wails, producing some of the most beautiful vocal gymnastics that any Frank vocalist ever attempted, let alone succeeded at. Once the song proper starts, it's just her and keyboards, before the remainder of the band slowly enters, here some drums, here some guitar. Ray joins in at one point, creating a spine-tingling duet, before Frank decides to completely ruin the mood. What is this- ska? We're into the fast version of this tune now, with Bianca still doing a great job, but the sultry mood completely ruined. Wait, now its the arena rock version, nice and slow but a little too dramatic. Wait, we're turning again, this time into reggae. Please no, not reggae. All seems lost, though Bianca's ad-libbing and Frank's soloing help salvage some dignity. Then, before Frank can do anymore damage, the tune ends. What we have here is possibly the greatest half of singing that a Frank tune ever saw witness to (amen!), followed by a horrible example of what an overactive imagination can do. Still, despite the ugly spectre of FZ reggae rearing its head, we have a "must hear" performance. Hear that Gail.

1980 (Mar-Jul): Essentially performed as on YCDTOSA Volume I, and another treat from this tour. [Yet more info from the desk of Buzby: "Interesting interjection from FZ during the 6/11 Paris show—"You didn't try to call me at all—even though I was doing 15 in the space of 16—didja?" I interpreted this as a jab at Logeman for not being more reponsive during the Pound solo that night, though I could be wrong."]

1980 (Oct-Dec): Essentially performed as on YCDTOSA Volume I, accounting for obvious differences in instrumentation. [Jon Naurin calls me on this one- "Guess this seemed like a safe assumption to make, but in fact it isn't true. This song was performed as nowhere else—full of weird vocal interjections, especially from Bob Harris. The "Tell me, tell me who's loving you now" part consists of some freaky drums from Vinnie, with Bob singing the vocals in extreme falsetto, and very "sporadic". He also delivers the "All you got to do..." in inimitable style. Quite a fascinating arrangement, impossible to describe, but somewhat remniscent of the vocal chaos in "Fine Girl". Apparently, FZ wasn't too happy with it, as this song was only played at the first few shows to my knowledge."]


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