Dirty Duck

1974 or 1975
New Line Cinema
DVD released on February 20, 2001
70 min.

Dirty Duck

Directed by Charles Swenson

Cast (in alphabetical order)
Cynthia Adler
Aynsley Dunbar
Walker Edmiston
Janet Ferguson
Jerry D. Good
Howard Kaylan
Jelle Lequement (as Janet Lee)
Jim Pons
Don Preston
Robert Ridgely
Lurene Tuttle
Mark Volman

From IMDb.com

Plot Outline: XRated Animated comedy. Dirty Duck meets Willard, a mild mannered insurance adjuster and teaches him to make it with the ladies.


Notes & Comments

From: Furbelly

DIRTY DUCK—Animated early 70's flick full of racism, misogyny, and drug use. Rare, out-of-print, and hard-to-find. With voices and music by Flo & Eddie (with a little help from the members of The Mothers Of Invention.)

Here is a webpage that sells dubbed copies of Dirty Duck: http://www.blackestheart.com/

From: mark spieller

Dirty Duck was done by the same company that co-produced 200 Motels and did the "dental" cartoon in that movie.

From: unknown

I can't believe no one here has mentioned the movie Dirty Duck. Has no one here ever seen this? It's an animated movie by Flo and Eddie with the songs Cheap as the movie theme (now this is a cheap little movie), Kama Sutra Time, We're Living in a Jungle and a few others.

From: Patrick Neve

There are a few Zappa references peppered throughout the movie. For one, the duck is roughly the same character that Jeff Simmons morphed into in 200 Motels. At one point the main character and the duck are lost in the desert, and the duck is explaining how he came to be a duck. He says he used to be a TURTLE, but that wasn't too happening, so he got some advice from his MOTHER and he just sort of FLO'd from there. If by any chance these references are too subtle for the more chemically aided members of the audience, at this point a cartoon version of Frank Zappa's grimacing visage is looming over the entire scene, having just risen like the sun over the horizon. Later, 200 Motels is specifically namedropped. It's almost as if this movie is a sequel to 200 Motels, sans Zappa involvement.

From: unknown

Rhino also put out a compilation CD in 1987 called "The Best of Flo & Eddie," which contained tracks from the first 4 albums above, plus songs from the movies "Dirty Duck" and "Texas Detour."


IMDb User Comments

From: (dablimp[at]aol.com)

Summary: druggy,funny, weird, psychedelic, perverted, and at times, abstract sextoon

i rented this movie at a small independent movie rental joint. we came across it as we were browsing the wall of flicks; not in an adult section, but down quite low where a child might have grabbed it. the summary on the box was short and vague, but sounded decent so we took it home. a few minutes into the movie we began to realize it was a subversive and obnoxious movie, the kind of which i wish there were more of, especially with talking animals for the cute yet rude factor. this movie took me by surprise and i immediately fell in love with it; it's trippy, the characters are great and the music is groovin. i have been searching for a good quality copy to own for years, so that i may spread the joy of watching this great flick to many others. if you like animation that gets raw, this is a must see. i give this movie the highest rating. in my opinion, this movie beats fritz the cat.

From: Quimper

Summary: Highly offensive....which is good....

Flo & Eddie of The Turtles and Zappa fame perform the songs and voice the main characters of this pretty good animated film. It's short, coming in at barely over an hour, but it's effective in it's animation style (the animation over still photos and clip art) and funny for a number of reasons. Highly sexual, satirical and slapstick. Also highly offensive, especially when it comes to race; as evidenced by the subway pimp that the main character encounters.Set to a lamentably unavailable soundtrack, it's surreal animation sequences more than make up for any lulls or inferred rip-offs. This is a better film than 200 Motels, that's for sure. And who can fault a movie that opens with the song lyric "This whole movie is a giant piece of sh*t..."?

From: Polar-3

Summary: A Fritz the Cat rip-off

This released in the wake of Fritz the Cat, the first cartoon to get an X rating which became a cult classic at the drive-ins. Dirty Duck starts off looking a lot like a Fritz the Cat rip-off—complete with a "groovy" counter- culture setting and soundtrack, and only gets worse from there. The plot concerns a mild-mannered "straight" guy who is led into the world of raunch by Dirty Duck, who is, predictably enough, a duck. The film quickly gets lost in an attempt to outdo itself in raunchiness. Lots of attempts at humor here, but the jokes are mostly only funny to the type of juvenile mentality which finds the word "masturbation" automatically funny. As in Fritz the Cat, there is also very little that is erotic about the sex in this cartoon; sex in this context is either for the purpose of (1) grossing out the audience, (2) trying to make the audience laugh, or (3) both.


A Word From The Original Creator

From: Bobby London (June 18, 2001)

Hi, I caught your reference to my comic strip although you never mentioned me. The movie was a knockoff of my work which, in turn, has made people think my work is a knockoff of Fritz The Cat which it isn't. I created the strip in 1971 and it was picked up by National Lampoon in '72, then Playboy in '77 where it still runs and I find it odd that you've never seen it. Crumb's lawyers, btw, refused to help me stop these guys.


Additional informants: Andrew Fignar Jr., bongofury2

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