DiscReet Studio TV Special

June 21, 1974
DiscReet Rehearsal Studio, Los Angeles, CA

Billboard, July 6, 1974, p. 15

Zappa's Quickie Special

LOS ANGELES—Frank Zappa, consistently one of rock's most groundbreaking users of electronic technology, has outdone himself this time with a self-produced TV special that took just two-and-one-half days from original conception to actual taping.

At the first meeting on the proposed TV project the evening of June 18, Zappa suggested they start production the next day since he and the Mothers had 48 hours off. Taping actually took place June 21, with the group performing before an invited audience at DiscReet's large rehearsal studio.

Sound was by Wally Heider's remote truck. Zappa and Herb Cohen of DiscReet co-produced with Mort Libov. Dick Darley directed a five-camera videotape crew. The TV special is now being sold for airing in October.

ConstantXposure ROCK'N'ROLL: Frank Zappa

Photographs from a private 1974 Frank Zappa concert [...]. These images were shot by [Steven Magedoff] during the taping of a concert for a Television Special starring Frank Zappa and produced by Zappa's Echidna Productions in his Hollywood studio. Less than 100 people were allowed to attend. Also performing with Zappa were George Duke, Chester Thompson, Ruth Underwood, Napoleon Murphy Brock and Tom Fowler.

The Mothers 1974 The Mothers 1974

Only three pictures of the more than 10 rolls shot were ever made public. Those three images appeared on Zappa's Live at the Roxy and Elsewhere album.

Roxy & Elsewhere (1974) inner cover

[The three probable pictures taken by Magedoff]

Roxy & Elsewhere Roxy & Elsewhere

MPTV Images

[More pictures from the same day, copyrighted by Gene Trindl]


Ten Years On The Road With Frank Zappa And The Mothers Of Invention, 1976, p. 53

Below F.Z. during production of impending TV special.


Informants: Tan Mitsugu, Javier Marcote

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