Zappa Plays Zappa

Throughout the ZPZ tours original Frank Zappa footage sometimes is shown on the big screen to which the group plays along. This is a partial list of the original FZ performances projected:

Mikey (ZPZ Blog, June 2, 2006)

London, early...

(...) The special surprise I hinted at last night was the addition of "Chunga's Revenge" to the set, where the band played and Frank appeared on the screen to solo over the band's backing. It's a treat to see. I hope you dig it when you get a chance to see it. I went out to check out the audience's reaction, and they sat spellbound watching a gap of twenty or so years being bridged.

Pat Buzby (affz, June 15, 2006)
Re: ZPZ Chunga's w/FZ

I saw this on YouTube.  They must have soloed FZ's guitar track from the Halloween '81 multitrack tape.  The video is nowhere close to being in synch with the audio but perhaps they've improved that in more recent performances.  Nice to hear this uncirculated FZ solo, but I hope we get to hear it someday with Scott and Chad's original accompaniment.

Man Mountain (affz, June 16, 2006)

Re: ZPZ Chunga's w/FZ

Yeah, I was surprised to see the 'out-of-syncness' on the Youtube video. When I saw ZPZ in London, it was perfectly in sync and very impressive! Certainly a highlight of the evening.

Milhouse G. (July 29, 2007)

I saw ZPZ last night at Cain Park in Cleveland Heights, OH. FZ via video projection appeared three times.

1. "Dumb All Over", from Halloween 1981. FZ vocal and unadulterated guitar solo!

2. "Cosmik Debris", from the KCET TV performance, 1974—*NOT* the rendition that appears on Dub Room Special. This is a different take, different vocal and different guitar solo. I didn't expect to attend this ZPZ performance and end up seeing and hearing an FZ performance I'd never seen or heard before in my life, but there you are.

3. "Muffin Man", FZ's guitar solo from Baby Snakes.

In both of the first two instances, the footage used is from the one or two cameras that captured FZ only.

Allan Tignanelli (July 29, 2007)

In Pittsburgh, they also used the video on 'Montana' and 'Black Napkins'. I noticed some video differences from the usual sources, but I just assumed that they were using raw footage.

Additional informant: Javier Al Fresco

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