Everything Is Healing Nicely (EIHN)

(Zappa, CD, Barking Pumpkin UMRK 03, December 21, 1999)

  1. Library Card 7:42
  2. This Is A Test 1:35
  3. Jolly Good Fellow 4:34
  4. Roland's Big Event/Strat Vindaloo 5:56
  5. Master Ringo 3:35
  6. T'Mershi Duween 2:30
  7. Nap Time 8:02
  8. 9/8 Objects 3:06
  9. Naked City 8:42
  10. Whitey (Prototype) 1:12
  11. Amnerika Goes Home 3:00
  12. None Of The Above (Revised & Previsited) 8:38
  13. Wonderful Tattoo! 10:01

Produced by Frank Zappa

Mixed 1991 & 1992 by Frank Zappa with Spencer Chrislu, UMRK
Valor in the Field of Sequencing & Editing: Spencer Chrislu

Marqueson Coy, Joe's Garage
David Dondorf, UMRK
Todd Yvega, Synclavier Direct to Disc

Art on Cover by Christopher Mark Brennan
Art Direction by Gail Zappa
Design by Antony Neely @ Tracy Veal Design

Liner notes by Ali N. Askin, Todd Yvega & Gail Zappa

Joe's Garage Studio & UMRK
July 1991


Peter Rundel—violin
Mathias Tacke—violin
Hilary Sturt—viola
Friedemann Dähn—cello
Thomas Fichter—bass
Dietmar Wiesner—flute
Catherine Milliken—oboe
Roland Diry—clarinet
Wolfgang Stryi—bass clarinet
Veit Scholz—bassoon
Franck Ollu—French horn
Stefan Dohr—French horn
William Forman—trumpet
Michael Gross—trumpet
Uwe Dierksen—trombone
Michael Svoboda—trombone
Daryl Smith—tuba
Hermann Kretzschmar—piano, recitation
Ueli Wiget—piano, harp
Rainer Römer—percussion
Rumi Ogawa-Helferich—percussion
Andreas Böttger—percussion
Detlef Tewes—mandolin
Jürgen Ruck—guitar
L. Shankar—violin
Claudia Sack—violin (on Amnerika Goes Home and None Of The Above)
Ellen Wegner—harp (on Amnerika Goes Home)

1. Library Card 7:42


Hermann Kretzschmar—voice

Ali N. Askin: Weist scho i hab naufgeschaut und da ist's ganz dunkel, koa Licht—nix. Aber ich sitz da runten . . .
Detlef Tewes: Aber Ich hab ne Sache gehört, die kannst du dir gar nicht vorstellen.
Ali N. Askin: Was denn?
Detlef Tewes: Ich versteh überhaupt kein Wort von deinem bayerischen genudele.
Ali N. Askin: Echt?
Detlef Tewes: Kannst du etwas deutlicher sprechen?
Ali N. Askin: Ja ich versuchs mal. Pass mal auf ich sitz darunten unten.
Detlef Tewes: Unterm Klavier?
Ali N. Askin: Ja genau.
Detlef Tewes: Is ja schrecklich.
Ali N. Askin: Es ist fürchterlich ich sags dir . . .
Detlef Tewes: Ja . . .
Ali N. Askin: Ich sitz jetz da und will nauf verstehst aber jedesmal aber jedesmal wenn ich da nauf gehn will . . . schrecklich . . .
Detlef Tewes: Ja, ja, ja, ja, ja!
Ali N. Askin: Auf jeden fall es ist komisch unheimlich komisch . . . glaubs nit . . . Bist du noch da? ich bin schon wieder aloa wenn ich wenigsten etwas zum essen zum essen hätt ich hab so'n Hunger aber wieder nauf . . . Hunger hab ich auch noch ja Hunger hab i.

Hermann Kretzschmar: Library bar-code, PE label. Students must carry this card at all times, and present upon demand for identification. This card honored while currently enrolled only.

Ali N. Askin: Na nit so was ekliges ich will schon was essbares. Erstmal muss ich schaun das ich irgendwie wieder naufkimm. Du hör a mal hörst me. Was is denn das?

Hermann Kretzschmar: You may be liable for any unauthorized use of this card prior to notifying the USCard Office in writing, of possible unauthorized use due to loss or theft. I agree to comply with all library regulations and to assume responsibility for all use made of this card (Oh-hoh).

Ali N. Askin: Hey? Scherz? Jetzt muas i wieder ma schaun, wie des da ausschaut. Da gehts nit nauf hast du's geseng?
Detlef Tewes: Ich denk auch—gehst du mal hier links oben und dann guckst du mal wie du da weiterkommen kannst oder?
Ali N. Askin: Meinst.
Detlef Tewes: Ja ja ja ja.
Ali N. Askin: Jetz schau ich mal. Ich geh jetzt da mal nüber.
Detlef Tewes: Siehst du den Hügel da?
Ali N. Askin: Wo. Ah geh.
Detlef Tewes: Mit der Sonne drauf.
Ali N. Askin: A geh Schmarrn.
Detlef Tewes: Das ist Osram—Osram.
Ali N. Askin: A geh Schmarrn so was gibts doch nicht . . .
Detlef Tewes: Genau gehst du da entlang dann guckste und dann kommst du wieder zurück.
Ali N. Askin: Das kein Hügel nit das ist ganz was anderes das sag ich dir. Du schau ich glaub das ist total falsch ich glaub wir müssen rechts.
Detlef Tewes: Ja ah.
Ali N. Askin: Do schau es ist so irre es ist so irre es ist der Wahnsinn . . . schlecht aus oder.
Detlef Tewes: Ja so ist's besser.
Ali N. Askin: Tiefer . . . anschauen müssen es ist unglaublich sag ich dir.

2. This Is A Test 1:35


3. Jolly Good Fellow 4:34

includes a possible quotation from Goodnight, Sweetheart (Lombardo/Noble)


4. Roland's Big Event/Strat Vindaloo 5:56

Roland Diry—clarinet solo
L. Shankar—violin


5. Master Ringo 3:35

Hermann Kretzschmar—voice

Dear PFIQ,

Since you printed my question and photo in issue #29, PFIQ, I have received many letters. I'm glad I'm retired so I have plenty of time to answer all.

I finally got rid of the smell of the deep scrotum piercings (mumble) by putting a 5/32" barbell and a 5/16" ring. Now air can get through. (laughs)

(FZ: Can you stand like that?
Hermann: Maybe I should read the text one whole, because . . . again . . . oh . . .
FZ: Just . . . just say "now air can get through")

Now air can get through. Don't ever quit putting out PFIQ, as it is most enjoyable. I have them all and go over them many times.

You never had any more of Carl Carrol. Issue #14 I believe?

Keep up the great work. I don't know what to pierce next.

P.S. Do you use 1% Xylocaine for deep cock head piercings?

Piercing the head of the cock must be painful. (OOHH!) I had the head tattooed and it hurt like hell, but I didn't want the artist to stop.

Master Ringo

6. T'Mershi Duween 2:30

includes What Will Rumi Do?


7. Nap Time 8:02


Michael Svoboda—alphorn
Rumi Ogawa-Helferich—slide whistle and voice
Rainer Römer—percussion
Andreas Böttger—percussion

Ai mite no
Nochi no kokoro ni

Ai mite no
Nochi no kokoro ni
Mukashi wa mono o
Omowazari keri


Kururu mono to wa
Shiri nagara
Nao urameshiki
Asaborake kana

Asaborake kana

8. 9/8 Objects 3:06

L. Shankar—violin

FZ: Strings do the ornaments of the [frame in right . . .]

9. Naked City 8:42

Jürgen Ruck—classical guitar


10. Whitey (Prototype) 1:12


11. Amnerika Goes Home 3:00

Frankfurt and/or Berlin and/or Vienna
September 17-28, 1992


12. None Of The Above (Revised & Previsited) 8:38

Orchestra: UMRK
July 1991
String quintet: Frankfurt
July 1992


13. Wonderful Tattoo! 10:01

Hermann Kretzschmar—voice

Dear Jim and PFI
Enclosed are photos of my cock
And the wonderful tattoo John Stuckey in Houston did for me
We plan to continue the design on my balls the next time I'm in Houston
I really enjoy PFIQ
Someday I hope to visit L.A. and meet you
Bob C.

Dear PFIQ friends
Dear Jim
Dear Jim and PFI
I still want it
I have come to a decision
For those that believe than, that bigger is better
Marine hardware stores carry a full line
Of stainless steel rings
Enclosed are photos
I just wanted to reassure women
Who want nipples pierced
I, frankly
Would rather have a Fakir
I will send you a few other pictures as soon as I get them

De-sign on my balls
The next time I'm in Houston
I really enjoy PFIQ
Someday I hope to visit L.A.
And meet you!

The only thing that surprises me
Is that every year I have the urge to have another hole

Do you think, Jim
That a gynecologist
With the aid of your magazine could do a clithood piercing?

Possibly one day the ultimate experience can be realized

I believe we are witnessing the evolution of a new type of man
The quintessential being, a person who is totally modern
While at the same time primitive in desires and spirit
I feel this combination is rare in today society
This type of person has the desire to get things done and it's . . .
This attribute will help both sides achieve
I'm seeking the quintessential man for myself
Through piercing, tattoos and education
Possibly one day the ultimate experience can be realized

My last sexual partner liked the jewelry on most occasions
But not all
And I accidentally left the impaling jewelry out of all one night
And half the next day

Everything is healing nicely


All compositions by Frank Zappa except as noted
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Original transcription by Román, except "Master Ringo" transcribed by Don Waller; "Library Card" German transcription by Moses and Uwe Krüger; "Nap Time" Japanese transcription by Tan Mitsugu
Further corrections and additions by Bossk (R) and Charles Ulrich
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