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Translation from Bavarian and German by Moses and mostly by Uwe Krüger (see notes below)

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Ali N. Askin: Weist scho i hab naufgeschaut und da ist's ganz dunkel, koa Licht—nix. Aber ich sitz da runten . . .

You know, I look up and it's very dark, no light—nothing. But I'm still sitting down there . . .
Detlef Tewes: Aber Ich hab ne Sache gehört, die kannst du dir gar nicht vorstellen. I've heard a thing, that you can't imagine at all.
Ali N. Askin: Was denn? But what?
Detlef Tewes: Ich versteh überhaupt kein Wort von deinem bayerischen genudele. I can't understand a word of your Bavarian noodeling.
Ali N. Askin: Echt? Really?
Detlef Tewes: Kannst du etwas deutlicher sprechen? Could you speak more clearly?
Ali N. Askin: Ja ich versuchs mal. Pass mal auf ich sitz darunten unten. Yes I will try. Pay attention, I sit down here.
Detlef Tewes: Unterm Klavier? Under the piano?
Ali N. Askin: Ja genau. Yes, exactly.
Detlef Tewes: Is ja schrecklich. That's terrible.
Ali N. Askin: Es ist fürchterlich ich sags dir . . . It's terrible, yes it is . . .
Detlef Tewes: Ja . . . Yes . . .
Ali N. Askin: Ich sitz jetz da und will nauf verstehst aber jedesmal aber jedesmal wenn ich da nauf gehn will . . . schrecklich . . . I was sitting there and like to go up, do you understand, but every time I like to go up . . . terrible . . .
Detlef Tewes: Ja, ja, ja, ja, ja! ¡Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!
Ali N. Askin: Auf jeden fall es ist komisch unheimlich komisch . . . glaubs nit . . . Bist du noch da? ich bin schon wieder aloa wenn ich wenigsten etwas zum essen zum essen hätt ich hab so'n Hunger aber wieder nauf . . . Hunger hab ich auch noch ja Hunger hab i. Yes indeed, it's weird very weird . . . I can't believe . . . Are you still there? I'm alone again—if I only had something to eat, I'm so hungry going up again . . . I'm hungry, yes indeed.

[Hermann Kretzschmar]

Ali N. Askin: Na nit so was ekliges ich will schon was essbares. Erstmal muss ich schaun das ich irgendwie wieder naufkimm. Du hör a mal hörst me. Was is denn das? No, not something such disgusting, I like something eatable. But first I must see how I can go up again. Hey, do you hear me? What's that?
[Hermann Kretzschmar]  

Ali N. Askin: Hey? Scherz? Jetzt muas i wieder ma schaun, wie des da ausschaut. Da gehts nit nauf hast du's geseng?

Hey? Nickname? Now one has to look what it looks like. This is not the way up, do you catch it?
Detlef Tewes: Ich denk auch—gehst du mal hier links oben und dann guckst du mal wie du da weiterkommen kannst oder? I think so too—first go left and then look how to continue, ok?
Ali N. Askin: Meinst. Do you think so?
Detlef Tewes: Ja ja ja ja. Yes yes yes yes.
Ali N. Askin: Jetz schau ich mal. Ich geh jetzt da mal nüber. I will try now. I start now.
Detlef Tewes: Siehst du den Hügel da? Do you see the hill?
Ali N. Askin: Wo. Ah geh. Where? (Not really believing).
Detlef Tewes: Mit der Sonne drauf. With the sun (symbol) on it.
Ali N. Askin: A geh Schmarrn. (Not really believing)—Bullshit.
Detlef Tewes: Das ist Osram—Osram. That's Osram—Osram.
Ali N. Askin: A geh Schmarrn so was gibts doch nicht . . . Bullshit, this is not real . . .
Detlef Tewes: Genau gehst du da entlang dann guckste und dann kommst du wieder zurück. Exactly this is the way, look at it and then you can come back again.
Ali N. Askin: Das kein Hügel nit das ist ganz was anderes das sag ich dir. Du schau ich glaub das ist total falsch ich glaub wir müssen rechts. That's no hill, that's a different thing I believe. Please look, I think it's totally wrong. I believe we have to turn right.
Detlef Tewes: Ja ah. Yes.
Ali N. Askin: Do schau es ist so irre es ist so irre es ist der Wahnsinn . . . schlecht aus oder. It's mind blowing, it's so mind blowing, it's so crazy . . .
Detlef Tewes: Ja so ist's besser. Yes, it's better now.
Ali N. Askin: Tiefer . . . anschauen müssen es ist unglaublich sag ich dir. Deeper . . . must look at it, it's unbelievable I would say.
Notes from the translators:

Moses: No. 1 (a member of the EM?) is imitating the Bavarian dialect very badly.

Uwe: I don't think it's bad bavarian, they speak different styles here depending of what city/part of bavaria you live.. [...]. It's the normal tongue of this speaker and it has a bavarian sound and use some bavarian dialect items. To me it could be the same speaker (Askin) as in CPIII. It may be mixed differently as it sounds a little bit different. I don't think there were other bavarian speaking people available at the time of the recording.


7. Nap Time

Tan Mitsugu identified what Rumi was reciting in Japanese as two ancient Japanese poems from an anthology called Ogura Hyakunin Isshu. The transcription and translation come from an online version of Ogura Hyakunin Isshu hosted by the University of Virginia. Here is a version with Japanese characters.

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Traditional Japanese version (only for browsers with Japanese client software)

Gon Chunagon Atsutada

Ai mite no
Nochi no kokoro ni

Mukashi wa mono o
Omowazari keri

Fujiwara no Atsutada

I have met my love.
When I compare this present
With feelings of the past,

My passion is now as if
I have never loved before.

Fujiwara no Michinobu Ason

Kururu mono to wa
Shiri nagara

Nao urameshiki
Asaborake kana

Fujiwara no Michinobu

Though I know indeed
That the night will come again
After day has dawned,

Still, in truth, I hate the sight
Of the morning's coming light.


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