Imaginary Diseases

Imaginary Diseases

(Frank Zappa, CD, Zappa Records ZR 20001, January 13, 2006)

  1. Oddients 1:13
  2. Rollo 3:21
  3. Been To Kansas City In A Minor 10:15
  4. Farther O'Blivion 16:02
  5. D.C. Boogie 13:27
  6. Imaginary Diseases 9:45
  7. Montreal 9:11

Produced by FZ
All tracks mixed, edited & tweaked by FZ
Original 1972 masters recorded by Barry Keene
Mix engineers: Kerry McNabb, Michael Braunstein, Davey Moire
Vaultmeisterment & Compilation by Joe Travers, UMRK
Mastered by Doug Sax & Robert Hadley
Executive Production, Art Direction & Text by GZ
Liner notes by Steve Vai
Photos by Bernard Gardner & others
Design & Layout by Tracy Veal

October 27-December 15, 1972

FZ—conductor, guitar
Tony Duran—slide guitar
Earle Dumler—oboe, saxophone, sarrusophone
Malcolm McNab—trumpet
Gary Barone—trumpet, flügelhorn
Tom Malone—trumpet, trombone, tuba, piccolo, saxophone
Bruce Fowler—trombone
Glenn Ferris—trombone
Dave Parlato—bass
Jim Gordon—drums

1. Oddients 1:13

Forum, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
October 27, 1972


2. Rollo 3:21

Irvine Auditorium, University Of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
November 10, 1972 (early show)

FZ: Thank you. Barry, you didn't have Gary Barone's mike in the monitor system at all.

3. Been To Kansas City In A Minor 10:15

Cowtown Ballroom, Kansas City, MO
December 2, 1972 (late show)

FZ: Thank you. Thank you.

4. Farther O'Blivion 16:02

includes Steno Pool, Be-Bop Tango, The Hook and Cucamonga

Winterland, San Francisco, CA
December 15, 1972
unknown venue(s) and date(s)

FZ: Okay. The name of this song is "Farther Oblivion" and it has a tango in the middle of it.

FZ: Thank you.

5. D.C. Boogie 13:27

DAR Constitution Hall, Washington, DC
November 11, 1972 (early show)

FZ: Let's make this a democratic process—how would you like to have this song end? One at a time! With a boogie? Wait a minute, just a minute. Just so that we won't be inadequlate . . . inadequately represented here, we have one . . . one side that says it should end with a boogie. Does anybody wanna have it end with a ballad? Ok, we have some other people wanna have it end with a ballad. How many wanna have it end with a march? How many wanna have it end with a polka? How many would like to have it end with a dog food jingle? Well, let's see . . . so far, looks like it's a choice between the boogie and the ballad. Contestant number one would be the boogie! How many say boogie? How many say ballad? Well, guess what it ends with!

6. Imaginary Diseases 9:45

Palace Theater, Waterbury, CT
November 1, 1972

FZ: I'd like to thank you very much for coming to the concert again and say goodnight. Goodnight!

7. Montreal 9:11

includes a quotation from San Ber'dino and Rollo

Forum, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
October 27, 1972

FZ: We'd like to thank you very much for coming to our concert tonight. We hope . . . hope you enjoyed it. And we'll be happy to see you the next time we come back to Montreal.

FZ: Thank you! Goodnight!


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