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Román, June 28, 1998

I think the little snip from "Be-Bop Tango" that some of you call "The Hook," and that is heard somewhere in the YCDTOSA series, can also be heard in an old Charlie Mingus album from 1963, "The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady", song 4, "Trio and Group Dances", minute 4:28 and 11:27 (timing from the 1986 MCA CD). Have you heard it? "Ta-ta ta-daa"

Jon Naurin, January 7, 1999

It is part of the composition "Be-Bop Tango" (or previously, "Farther Oblivion") as well as the most frequently occuring hand-cued lick in the 73/74 bands' cannons. It's commonly known as "The Hook," though I can't recall hearing FZ using this name (can anyone?). It was also used to segue "Montana" into the "Dupree's Paradise" foreplays in 1974, and it's as such we hear it before "Smell My Beard." The placement before the Cleveland solos seems quite random, though, but pretty amusing.

FZ, introducing the song, late show, Wighalle, Vienna, Austria, September 11, 1974

We're gonna start this program off with something a little bit unusual, we're gonna begin this program with "The Hook." Now, this is a very special tune. This is sort of a abstract, Mod Go-Go, non-objective tune. The melody is played by the bass drum. Just watch Ruth. Here we go!

Jon Naurin, July 31, 2002

What I've heard from eye-witnesses is that Frank cued ut by shaping his hand into—that's right—a hook.

A Token Of His Extreme (1976) 0:09:57

The Hook


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