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Tony Wilkes (affz, May 15, 2000)

I always thought the 'Overture' from the Yellow Shark video was unreleased, but it turns out that most of the music is almost exactly the same as the second half of Dio Fa. There's a flute line at 3:45 and a plunky-percussion melody at 5:45 that are definitely present in Overture. Lots of other cues match up too.

Phil (affz, May 15, 2000)

Regarding the overture I think that The EM performed along side the Synclavier & "embellished" the piece a little, maybe this is why FZ decided not to release the EM version & waited to unleash it as Dio Fa on phase 3.

Paolo Fabretti (September 7, 2007)

I think both the background music at the beginning of the "Yellow Shark" video (when the musicians enter the stage) and the "Overture" itself derive from the first part of the Synclavier version of "Outrage at Valdez" (a.k.a. "The Valdez Score", 1990). They could actually be considered as a live version of the Synclavier piece ("Overture" is dated 1990). Both versions are based on the same sort of bourdon and the same basic sounds (metal-like, bell-like etc., with further background sounds in the live version). The only difference is that the acoustic "landscape" of the old piece (mostly made of string sounds: pizzicatos, "sul ponticello", etc.), are replaced by an improvisation. I think that was the only way to re-create the mood of the Synclavier piece in a concert hall.

Overture/Outrage/Dio Fa

Overture (Frankfurt, 1992) Outrage At Valdez (Outrage At Valdez, 1990) Dio Fa (CPIII, 1994)
0:00-2:08 approx. * 0:00-1:24 approx.  
2:26-5:30   1:01-4:30
5:40-6:17   4:48-5:25
6:54-7:48   5:47-6:38
7:48-8:59   7:15-8:18

* It's hard to say which parts of the Valdez score exactly match the Yellow Shark Overture, because of the applause and the Ensemble Modern playing over the Synclavier track, though there are some identifiable loops and sounds.


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