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Foggy G, "The Songs That Were Played," We're Only In It For The Touring

1973: This tune pops up sporadically throughout the early 70's, and every time it does, the results are excellent. For this tour it pops up twice, with the mysterious Barry Leef doing two guest vocal stints, and Frank getting down and dirty, tearing off those blues licks that he plays way too infrequently. One performance results in a sweet blues jam that sees Ponty putting down his violin and doing something else for a change (playing the vibes- Ruth's vibes!)

1974: From tapes and setlists I've seen, this was a one-time-only event as far as this tour goes. Performed as an encore on July 17th in Phoenix, this is the heavy blues version we know and love, complete with guitar solo, and with a little '74 humor- all directed at Marty- thrown in just to be safe.

1977-78: Jon Naurin writes: "Just performed once to my knowledge, on 9/29. Quite similar to the Chunga's Revenge version with a short solo, and Belew screaming the lines that Mark Volman would take originally."


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