Tinsel Town Rebellion

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Foggy G, "The Songs That Were Played," We're Only In It For The Touring

1980 Oct-Dec: Essentially performed as on "Tinseltown Rebellion". Jon Naurin points out, however, that "For the first few shows of the tour, this was played in a proto-version (if you've heard the rehearsal version, you know what it sounds like), quite different from the song we know. Many of the musical deviations that make this song worthwhile were added later, and this version (especially the chorus) is quite boring."

1981: For the most part, this song was essentially performed as on "Tinseltown Rebellion".

1982: For the most part, this song was essentially performed as on "Tinseltown Rebellion". There were two major differences, however, in this tour's version. One, as I describe in the "Approximate" review, during the "Did you know that in Tinseltown...?" section, the band occasionally played the music to "Approximate" while Frank sang the lyrics to TR. Then, upon finishing his lyrics, Frank would lead the band back into the closing fanfare section of TR. By the end of the tour, when the band made this segue into "Approximate", there would be no more lyrics (despite the fact that TR was incomplete), and the song would thus be over. Secondly, after the line "to learn some stupid riffs", there was a little section- heavy on background vocals- that is frequently referred to as the "grandma" section. To me, this section sounds a lot like one of those euro- new wave songs that was popular in the early '80's- I just have no idea which one. Anyway, during this part, which was short but did vary in length, Frank either oohed and aahed, or made up lyrics pertaining to whatever (though grandma lyrics were dominant in the middle portion of the tour). Once this short little digression was over, we returned to the regular verse.

1984: Essentially played as on "Does Humor Belong in Music?".

1988: Essentially performed as on DHBIM, allowing for obvious differences in instrumentation.


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