We Don't Mess Around

August 31, 1978
Circus Krone, Munich, Germany
60 min.

Broadcast by Bayerischer Rundfunkt (BR) on July 1, 1980
Re-broadcast on August 1996

We Don't Mess Around Schlitze Seal Call Eat That Question

Parts appear in:
The music:
Parts of the music appear in:

Directed by Ulrich Schramm

Hartmut Stidl
Gerhard Lechner
Albrecht Schinnerer

Klaus Dieter
Bernd Decker

Raimondo Barthelmes

FZ—lead guitar/vocals
Ike Willis—guitar/vocals
Denny Walley—slide guitar/vocals
Tommy Mars—keyboards/accordion/vocals
Peter Wolf—keyboards
Ed Mann—percussion/vocals
Arthur Barrow—bass/vocals
Vinnie Colaiuta—drums/seal call

We Don't Mess Around
scan: peccary

The Date

Jon Naurin

The exact date seems to be hard to find, but it's definitely from the last days of August.

Marc Aurel

In 1978 Zappa rented the big top of Circus Krone for some days to rehearse with his band. Parts of the rehearsals were videotaped by the BR (Bayerischer Rundfunk) and aired on some sunday morning ;) in 78 or 79. Added footage contains Frank shopping in Munich and an interview with his bodyguard.

The Way The Air Smells

Patrick Neve

Most of this rehearsal/performance ended up on the bootleg/Beat-The-Boot, "At The Circus". Certain selections of Frank shopping in Munich and interviews with John Smothers would be partially used in the movie Baby Snakes. It was rebroadcast in August of 96, resulting in a better master. Fritz Rau is also reputed to be in this video, but I don't know where. Can anyone tell me?

Michael Nickel, August 13, 2005

In the last week i asked the editorial office of "Bayerischer Rundfunkt" via e-mail if there are any plans to broadcast this stuff again. [...] Then they send me a second answer: "We couldn'f find any film with a title like "We Don't Mess Around", but we had found another film:

First date of broadcast: 1. July 1980 !!! (Not 1978 or 1979 ???)
Title: Frank Zappa—Musik und Unterhaltung (english: Music And
Director: Ulrich Schramm
Camera: Gerhard Lechner

But the bad news is that there are NO plans to broadcast this in the future.


In The Sky


Additional informants: Jon Naurin, Brian Lagerman, Chris Rigas, Noah McKelvie

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